Out-migration of Younger Generations

Our population is aging and our children are leaving the area in record numbers to search for jobs and opportunities elsewhere. We need to make the Town of Union a place where young people want to stay and raise a family again. We need to revitalize our local community. We need to make it possible for the graduates of our local universities to find good paying jobs in the area, so they can stay and reinvest in the community. As a young, recent graduate myself, I know far better than our current council what needs to be done to attract and retain other young people. I can help to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas into our stagnant local government.

Lack of Industry & Good Paying Jobs

Our area is poised to become a leader in the rapidly growing renewable energy industry thanks to the cutting edge research happening at our local universities, but we need to be proactive in attracting innovative, new renewable energy businesses to our town and encouraging them to invest in our community. We can start by taking advantage of available State and Federal grants to install community-owned solar and wind facilities, which would create local jobs and help to grow the local economy. Using my knowledge of renewable energy technology and my contacts within the industry, I will help to lead the us into the future and make us a center of technological progress once again.

Absentee Landlords & Derelict Properties

Our community is blighted by vacant lots and dilapidated houses. Many properties are owned by out-of-state companies or absentee landlords who only care about milking profit out of our community while they let it rot and decay. They let their properties fall into ruin and destroy our neighborhoods. We have to put a stop to it. Our properties should be owned by members of our community who will maintain and improve them. I will work to put in place ordinances and programs to help save our community from the death grip of these absentee landlords.

Growing Drug & Crime Epidemic

Our friends and neighbors need access to quality healthcare, addiction counseling, and rehabilitation services to help them break the cycle of addiction and get their lives back on track. We need to work to reduce recidivism and relapse rates or else this crisis will only continue to grow. Our State and County representatives have ideas and access to the necessary resources, but our current council won't work with them to find potential solutions. I will work together with our State and County representatives to get the resources we need to fight this epidemic.