I was born in Lourdes Hospital, raised in Endwell and Endicott, went to Maine-Endwell schools, and recently received my doctorate in physics from Binghamton University where I continue to work as a post-doctoral researcher. My great grandparents were Italian and Czechoslovakian immigrants who came to the area looking for a better life for themselves and their families, and they found it working at the EJ shoe factory. My family has been here ever since.

I have deep roots in this community and I'd like stay here and raise a family one day, but crime and opioid addiction are on the rise, our neighborhoods are blighted with dilapidated properties and absentee landlords, and good paying jobs are dwindling. The younger generations are leaving the area in search of better opportunities, leaving us with an aging population. If it wasn't for the Universities and the healthcare industry our community would be a ghost town. I want to change all of that.

I want to work hand-in-hand with our State and County representatives to revitalize the Town of Union. I want to attract new, innovative businesses from the growing renewable energy industry to our area and to encourage them to reinvest in our community. I want to make the Town of Union a good place to buy a home, put down roots, and raise a family again. It was like that once, and it can be that way again with the right leadership.